//More Men Visiting Salons

Health and Fitness | | 12. March, 2012

Today more and more men encourage themselves to go and visit beauty salons. That used to be the standard a few years ago, but with time things have changed, and men got too “shy” to take care of themselves.

There are several types of treatments that a man can get at a salon. You can get a massage, facial, or even a manicure or pedicure. I remember asking a beauty salon owner in San Francisco if he sees any men in his salon, and he replied: “It’s kind of funny, but I can say that in my salon I get almost the same number of men and women these days. Most men will ask for my special waxing & hair removal treatment and their goal is to remove all hair off of their chest and their lower abdomen”.

I checked out those services for myself, and his salon’s prices are pretty reasonable. Not too expensive and not too cheap either. Such waxing treatment would take 40 to 50 minutes and it would cost about $50.


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