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Most Important Part of Wine
| 6. March, 2012

The most important thing about wine is not who recommends it, or drinks it, or how much you paid for a bottle, it’s whether you like it or not.

A bottle of wine costing ten dollars may be snubbed by some who think anything under twenty-five a bottle isn’t worth drinking and to others the ten dollars the spent brings sheer joy for the simple reason they enjoy it.

A number of the smaller wineries across the country produce very distinctive wines apart from the more commercialized wineries and many with fruits other than grapes. The Von Stiehl Winery in Wisconsin is such a winery that makes a variety of cherry wines, each with a unique taste and pleasant departure from traditional grape based wines. Prices and name brands should be the least of your concerns, stick with what you enjoy and hopefully you’ll be able to find a local winery making some outstanding wines just as I have!

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